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Science [&] Technology provides R&D solutions for space, science and defense. They specialize in marketing technology within the following categories: Sensing and Control, Scientific Data Processing, Intelligent Applications and Technical Consulting.

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CRM, sales, purchasing, human resources, accounting and project management


Portland Europe is a sales organization that bridges the gap between ambitious developers and resellers. Portland offers lucrative alternatives to the common software solutions in the market. B-informed supports sales and e-commerce at Portland with Odoo.



CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting and website


Quint Wellington Redwood (Quint) is an independent consultancy that focuses on advice and training in the field of optimizing IT-intensive processes. With a worldwide network and assignments in 49 countries and offices on 4 continents, the service is cross-border.

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CRM, marketing, sales, purchasing, accounting, project management and training


Egberts Rubber has been the specialist in design, production and vulcanization of rubber coating for rollers, wheels, rollers and sleeves since 1938.

Egberts Rubber also produces technical molded articles made of rubber, based on a drawing or example.



CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, warehouse management and production

"With Odoo it is easier than ever before to analyse our data and link different aspects of our operations which helps us in defining and fine-tuning our strategy."

Jeroen Brink, Finance Director Quint 

"It has been a exciting journey working with the team at B-informed over the last year. They have been excellent partners and very professional in all  our dealing. Odoo is powering Horkan's digital transformation and changing our business in every area. We have changed more in the last 9 months than the last 10 years."

John Horkan, CEO Horkans group 


The PFM Intelligence Group is an organization with different disciplines and a great diversity of customers. PFM supplies, installs and maintains Visitor counting systems and data analysis, Professional drive-thru systems and communication solutions.

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CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, project management, warehouse, manufacturing and helpdesk


Technosafety has been a household name when it comes to working safely for more than 50 years. Whether it concerns an ADR case, fall protection, a total safety container for a construction project or the inspection of breathing equipment. Technosafety supplies the products and services or supervises projects.



CRM, order processing, purchasing, accounting, warehouse management


Horkans is with 17 shops and 3 e-commerce websites the largest retail chain in gardening and animal supplies in Ireland. Odoo supports the entire primary process from the cash register systems in the stores and the e-commerce web shops to the financial administration and logistics.


Retail  |  E-commerce 

CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, logistics, e-commerce and POS systems


Cryostore has been supporting companies and institutions with their temperature-controlled storage and logistics since 1999. Whether it concerns the transport of food samples, the storage of bio-samples or the distribution of vaccines from laboratories to and from hospitals.

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CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting and logistics

"Many thanks for the ongoing support and active thinking and involvement in the project. Today was an important milestone, and despite the fact that we are not quite there yet, we can slowly but surely state that a very solid and good foundation is forming among our organization processes and business operations with Odoo."

Bart Schmitz, CEO PFM Group  

"We replaced 14 different applications and increased overnight revenues by 10%."

Marc Peeters, General Manager Vending Division Sodexo


TE Instruments manufactures basic combustion analyzers and additional sampling systems for the analysis of solid, liquid, gas and LPG matrices. With a global partner network, TE Instruments provides support in more than 50 countries.

Manufacturing    |  Wholesale

CRM, sales, purchasing, production, accounting and inventory management


Sanitairkamer supplies all well-known sanitary A-brands with two physical stores and an online platform. Due to the special agreements with the wholesalers and the direct purchase from the factory, delivery is fast and prices can be up to 60 percent below the recommended prices.

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Retail  |  E-commerce

CRM, accounting, purchasing, order processing, inventory management and e-commerce


Landscape Overijssel protects, manages and develops nature & landscape with quality for people, plants and animals. The implementation concerns the management and administration of about 10,000 donors, 5,000 volunteers, and 9,000 relations.



CRM, accounting, membership, donations management, event management


21theNetherlands has been organizing corporate events and incentives for over 15 years. In order to achieve better control and integration of the sales and realization processes, Odoo has been chosen to support this. In a "natural" transition, the existing software has been replaced.



CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting and project management


As the market leader in the market of overpressure filter systems, BMair international aims to provide operators with the cleanest possible air at all times. In the whole of Europe, no concessions have been made in this area for 25 years.

Manufacturing  |  Field service

CRM, sales, purchasing, production, inventory management, accounting and field service


VHB Group represents a number of companies in the human and veterinary market. The combined experience and collegial cooperation make us the knowledge partner for companies in the human and veterinary sector.

Retail  |  E-commerce

order processing, purchasing, accounting, inventory, PoS and


Semiotic Labs eliminates unplanned downtime around the world. Semiotic Labs uses AI-driven electrical waveform analysis to offer a smart predictive maintenance system that increases productivity while saving time and money.


Wholesale  |  Diensten  

CRM, inventory management, purchasing, Project management


Fiduciare Mosellan S.A.R.l. is a tax consultancy based in Luxembourg that specializes in clients working in the inland navigation sector. Accounting, document and ship management is provided for about 80 companies.



CRM, accounting, fleet management, document management


Hospitainer provides semi-permanent mobile hospitals which can be rapidly deployed. The mobile hospitals provide a robust solution for medical problems and safe medical environments in hard to reach areas.

Manufacturing  |  Projects

CRM, order processing, purchasing, projects, warehouse and production


Petronas Lubricants International (PLI) is a subsidiary of Petronas, Malaysia's national petroleum company. PLI is a new organization that works in a structured way and focuses on the supply of the best lubricants and functional fluids in the world.


CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting and inventory management


PanPath manufactures and supplies products for the detection of cancer-related genetic markers. With a wide range they produce products with a worldwide network of distributors. This with a broad experience in antibodies, detection systems and molecular biology.


Manufacturing  |  Wholesale

CRM, accounting, manufacturing, inventory


Eurostrut is a technical trading company that specializes in the supply of mounting and fastening materials to and for the technical installation industry.



CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting and warehouse management


Ucamco (formerly Barco ETS) is the market leader in PCB CAM and pre-CAM software, laser photo plotters and direct imaging systems. With more than 1000 Laser photoplotters and 5000 CAM systems installed all over the world, Ucamco produces Leading-Edge front-end toolsing solutions.

Manufacturing  |  Wholesale

CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, logistics, production and service management


Inter Modal Telematics is an independent telematics solution partner for the tank container and tank wagon industry. In terms of quantity, IMT is by far the largest supplier of telematics solutions for the tank container sector.


Manufacturing  |  Wholesale

CRM, order processing, purchasing, warehouse and production


Promofit has been the leading supplier of printed corporate gifts, promotional gifts, give-aways and exhibition materials since 2006.


Wholesale  |  E-commerce

CRM, order processing, purchasing, accounting, logistics, e-commerce


Senwell is a house & hotelware supermarket with 3 branches and approximately 50 POS systems that focuses on the sale of qualitative and affordable products to their customers. Their goal is to be the one stop solution for house & hotelware products.


PoS systems, CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, inventory

Pebble Green Systems supplies and installs solar panels. They offer a complete package of products and services. B-informed supports the entire primary process of delivery and assembly with Odoo.

Projecten  |  Wholesale

CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, logistics, project and service management


Ultrasun is an international company that supplies tanning equipment to the professional market all over the world. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, England, France, America and China, Ultrasun is active in more than 50 countries.

Wholesale  |  Manufacturing  

CRM, order processing, purchasing, accounting, logistics, manufacturing


Valkenpower is a wholesaler and supplier of workshop equipment, compressors, welding equipment, lifting and hoisting equipment, automotive tools and hand tools. The Dutch, Belgian and German markets are served from the distribution center in Maasbracht.


CRM, sales, purchasing, invoicing, cash register, e-commerce, inventory management


Lucio International is a company that provides lighting solutions, especially in the Middle East.

This by offering lighting architecture and projects, but also by supplying the corresponding products.

Wholesale  |  E-commerce

CRM, accounting, purchasing, order processing, inventory and project management, website


XXLhoreca Group consists of three separate companies in the Netherlands, Germany and France. XXLhoreca is the 'one stop shop' for professional catering equipment and catering supplies. This from three e-commerce websites.


CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, logistics, e-commerce customer support

Technotrading is a technical wholesaler for shipping, construction, garage and industry. For more than 30 years with leading manufacturers and more than 5000 items directly in stock. The range consists of equipment for industrial maintenance.


CRM, order processing, purchasing, accounting, logistics


Expofit has been the specialist in mobile presentation systems and exhibition materials for many years. In addition to the order, production, logistics and financial processing in Odoo, a full integration with Magentoe-commerce provided.

Wholesale  |  Manufacturing  

CRM, accounting, purchasing, order processing, inventory and production management

Devops Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an American joint venture of Quint Wellington Redwood. DASA develops and sells training courses in the field of Devops and Agile. Students who pass an exam are certified.


CRM and accounting


Wouters Bouwmaterialen offers a leading range of construction and finishing materials, tiles, sanitary ware, stoves, natural stone and construction chemicals. Both sales and delivery to private individuals and for construction projects are provided with our own trucks.

Wholesale  |  Retail

CRM, sales, purchasing, warehouse, accounting, logistics, showroom and shop


WholesaleAvesqo is a distributor of knowledge and support services in the field of Video Conferencing. Video conference, audiovisual solutions and integration issues are also offered through resellers.

Wholesale  |  Services  

CRM, sales, purchasing, warehouse, financial administration, logistics

Legro is known as a specialist in cutting systems, packing tables and complete workplaces. Sister company Aldipro Systems specializes in presentation systems. Both are metal producing companies.

Wholesale  |  Manufacturing  

CRM, accounting, sales, purchasing, order processing, inventory management and production


HollandBIO represents and connects biotech companies and is the beating heart of the life sciences sector. With world-class biotech innovations, HollandBIO works in a society in which biotechnology makes a maximum contribution to health, sustainability and economic growth.


CRM, accounting, membership, events, marketing

Xilloc Medical supplies patient-specific implants to reconstruct parts of the human skeleton. With the design and engineering of individual implants and prostheses, Xilloc is constantly working on the development and refinement of new specific implant solutions.


CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory management, production and accounting


English Garden Group designs and transforms all types of outdoor spaces in the South of France. People have evolved and grown from combining a passion for plants and a love for art and design. Currently three companies are active in design, sales and project realization.

Services  |  Projects

CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory management, production and accounting


The TBRM Group is a technology-driven investment and technical / financial consultancy that helps high-tech companies grow.

Manufacturing  |  Wholesale

CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory management, production and accounting

Printadvise supplies and advises on printed promotional material such as flyers, posters, books, etc. In Odoo, all order, production, logistics and financial transactions are processed.

Wholesale  |  Services  

CRM, sales, purchasing, project management, accounting, inventory