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B-informed: Odoo experiences

Integration has never been so smooth

Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding

What are the experiences of our customers?

Would you like to know the experiences of other Odoo users? We have combined the Odoo experiences of our customers in a reference book. These reference experiences were established and elaborated by means of interviews by an external interviewer.

In this reference book you can find how our customers approached the selection procedure, how they went through the project and the entire implementation by B-informed and how they experience working with Odoo on a daily basis.

Odoo implementation at Cryo store  

"We had a very good system, but we missed the analyzes. I think that the applications finance and crm sales in Odoo in particular give us a much better insight. The big advantage of Odoo is that a complete overview of our company-specific data is provided in one page. In the past we could not do that specifically. " Cryo store    .

Odoo implementation at Quint

 We find Odoo easy to use without having to use large manuals. Thanks to Odoo, we are now able to run the business the way we want with our specific desired functionalities. "
– Quint   

Odoo implementation at PFM Intelligence Group

"Odoo has mainly provided insight into PFM's own operations. The different disciplines now connect with each other. No cost savings were realized, partly due to the fact that PFM used its own software, among other things. The phasing out of additional, more expensive packages did lead to cost control and simplification of the total system. " PFM Intelligence Group    .

Odoo implementation at Sanitairkamer

"The implementation process at Sanitairkamer is still a continuous process. We see endless opportunities to automate the business with Odoo, but there are still a few hurdles to overcome before they reach full automation. Sanitairkamer sees Odoo as one of the core components in their growth. " 
 – Sanitairkamer   


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B-informed is Odoo Gold partner. We have extensive experience in the implementation of projects and the preliminary selection process. We hope this explanation will help you with the most efficient selection process and ultimately a successful implementation. 

B-informed chooses the future .... Odoo, a European initiative.