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Odoo applies technology to the requirements and wishes of our organization, just like we do for our customers.

PFM Intelligence Group is an organisation with worldwide reach. Its core activity is gathering data for others. The challenge was to also gather data about itself to prepare for future growth.



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Who is PFM Intelligence

The offices of PFM Intelligence are located on an industrial site in Alphen aan de Rijn. Beyond its facade lies an extremely compact organisation that has a unique position in the Netherlands (and other countries) regarding data collection of visitor information for shops, shopping centers, streets and stations. In addition, PFM Intelligence provides customed drive-thru solutions and it houses a data repair center for communication products for the whole of Europe.

Michel l'Amie is senior operations/project manager. Since October 2018 his organisation runs on Odoo and further development is infinite.

What was the challenge
"We measure everything for our customers, but we barely had any data on our own company processes.", says Michel. The ambition to grow in Europe and spread across the globe made it necessary for PFM Intelligence to change their current working methods of everyone doing things their own way. The choice was either adapt or rigorous transformation and starting with a clean slate. It was a challenge to connect all the custom working methods that existed within the different disciplines. It varied from files in Dropbox to using self-written software.

PFM Intelligence distinguishes itself by having a customer focused and involved group of employees that act immediately. The volume and speed of order processing are extremely high. Having the organisational processes run efficiently and gaining insight into business operations was one of the reasons to change over to a complete solution.

Why choose Odoo
Michel has a fascination for computerisation and was familiar with business process systems from previous work experience. His oriëntation consisted of visiting several ERP suppliers, attending webinars and using reviews to create an image of the market.

The choice for Odoo was motivated by cost (efficient) , open source (flexibility) and its modular design. The choice for B-Informed was based on the wish to do business with an Odoo Gold Partner. A reference visit with a customer of B-informed and the following Proof of Concept with gap analysis was the persuading factor.



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How did we tackle the project

Oil slick implementation. In other words: we started with an easy functionality that would immediately involve everyone in the organisation: registration of leave. This way we created company wide involvement and support. Every application has since been implemented in phases in approximately ten months time.

How did the collaboration with B-informed go
The customer-supplier relationship characterizes itself by co-makership. "B-informed advises to start with the basics and to continually expand and improve on these and that's the way we have been working ever since." explains Michel. The compact project team consisting of himself and a project manager and a developer of B-Informed works based on weekly reports and an iterative process of improvement. In Michel's point of view, this is what is unique of Odoo and B-Informed. Targets are met, but Odoo is constantly being optimized.

What has Odoo contributed
Odoo has mainly provided insight into the business processes of PFM Intelligence. The different disciplines are aligned with each other. So far there has been no cost benefit, on part because PFM Intelligence uses its own software. But the phasing out of additional software packages has led to cost control and the simplification of the total system.

PFM Intelligence uses two special functionalities. On the one hand a custom dashboard based on the helpdesk system of Odoo and converted to be used for processing their own helpdesk tickets.

The second special module has been developed in-house: "Customer Management" zooms in on the customers of PFM Intelligence (WHO). Using photo information, it does not only show WHERE the customer is, but also WHAT the customer is buying. Fifteen years of PFM Intelligence history are merged into one module. It gives PFM Intelligence the unique capability to work location oriented and achieve their growth targets.

More information about PFM? Visit the PFM website


Customer case PFM Intelligence Group
B-informed, Peter Dijkstra
24 February, 2020
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