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Temperature-controlled storage and distribution is a breeze with Odoo

As a full-service logistics partner, Cryo Store provides services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, and healthcare organisations and businesses. After its creation in 1999, Cryo Store specialised in temperature control of storage, transport, and packaging and expanded services.



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Who is Cryo Store

There is an extraordinary company located far North of the Netherlands: Cryo Store. When you enter, nameplates on the doors remind you of a medical company: exam room, X-ray room, etc. Although there is an undisputed link with the health industry, managing director Menno Sappé says nothing could be further from the truth.

For more than 20 years, Cryo Store helps companies and institutions to provide temperature-controlled storage and distribution. Whether it's about packaging food samples, storing biosamples, or vaccines that have to go to laboratories in Germany, Cryo Store handles the entire, temperature-controlled, logistics chain for its customers. Innovative services will enable the product to reach its destination in the best possible condition. Nearly everywhere in the world.

The challenge
About a decade ago, Cryo Store moved to its current location in Joure that previously served as a dental practice. The remaining nameplates are a nod to that past. This location is especially suitable for long-term temperature-controlled storage and equipped with all conceivable security measures against, for example, fire and burglary. Furthermore, special monitoring and backup facilities are maintained. Continuous monitoring and very specific recording, almost at a nano level.

"We look after the "children" of others, namely, their critical business data," Menno says. "That requires very careful treatment. We're a niche in a niche market."

Managing the amount of different enterprise data resulted in a lot of custom work and the development of specific software. Sometimes even MS-DOS oriented. And yet, Cryo Store wanted a single database structure. Initially, it developed this itself. Successfully so, but analyses were hardly possible. Some of this software is still in use, but being the developer, as a sole proprietor, was too risky.

Why choose Odoo
The search for a stable package led Cryo Store to Odoo. However, they were hesitant due to an experienced lack of flexibility from the previous supplier. When a shipment to a customer went wrong because of an incorrectly registered relocation and another shipment was lost by a new carrier not too long after, Menno realised how vulnerable the data storage was and how urgent the need was for a single-database structure.

The search started again. The biggest issue Menno had was the fact that his processes did not fit into standard software, and flexibility was an absolute precondition. His search led to Odoo again and to B-Informed, one of Odoo's first gold partners in the Netherlands.



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How was the project handled

Functional requirements were formulated with a project team. "We needed to experience what was or was not possible. We asked B-informed to prove it," says Menno. A Proof of Concept was then successfully performed on-site. The project started in May 2017. It could have been ready earlier, but it was decided to wait for the new Odoo 11 release that was coming out in October 2017. Despite B-Informed's advice for a gradual implementation, Cryo Store went live with all functionalities as per January 1st, 2018.

What was the collaboration like with B-informed
The more flexibility we needed, the more complex the project became. Cryo Store had to get used to thinking within Odoo's (in)capabilities. That is why the physical presence of the B-Informed project manager was crucial. Joint monitoring one day per week and consulting and customising together worked well. "B-Informed is characterised by high and good flexibility," says Menno.

What did Oddo contribute
"We had a very good system, but we missed the analyses. I think that the finance and CRM sales applications in Odoo, in particular, give us a much better understanding. Odoo's great advantage is that it provides a complete overview of our company-specific data on one page. We were not able to go that in-depth in the past."

Cryo Store says it's too small to get the most out of Odoo. On the other hand, they have requirements that do not yet fit in Odoo, such as fully automating their specific transport process. But Odoo is developing continuously, so perhaps interfaces will provide the desired functionality in the future.

More information about Cryo Store? Visit the Cryo Store website


Customer case Cryo Store
B-informed, Peter Dijkstra
13 April, 2020
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